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Bastar (Chhattisgarh) [India], Mar 12 ( ANI ): Two of the tribal foods of Chhattisgarh's Bastar - Chapda chutney and Dona Pudga - have made it to the international food menu, thanks to, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who loved them so much he decided to add them in his menu
But simply juxtaposing a critique of posh, ecologically unsound skyscrapers with the loss of traditional lifestyles in Bastar and a local species near Mumbai only mimics the facile strategy of "mindfulness" via which advertisers sell energy-efficient air conditioners or "green" laundry detergents using drone camera images of dense forests or gushing mountain rivers.
It was agreed that the Maoist- hit states in general and Bastar region in particular require special central assistance and the government may consider relaxing policies and schemes for development of these areas.
Polling may well be over in the sensitive Bastar region but heaving a sigh of relief is still a distant dream.
The rebels had damaged a portion of a forest department guest house in Netanar village in the Bastar forest on Thursday night.
Sergeant Lee Davie and MWD Bastar, Schofield Barracks, 3rd Place, Intruder Detection, Scouting.
Summary: New Delhi [India] Mar 6 (ANI): Amidst all the chaos and defame the Bastar community of Chhattisgarh has seen so far, a man with the motive of restoration of peace has emerged.
months in the Bastar region considered a Maoist fortress.
Shopping: For wrought iron start from the Sthi Centre or Naryanpur in Bastar District.
The bodies of Patel, his son Dinesh and eight others, mainly security personnel, have been recovered from Jiram valley in Bastar division, the sources said.
It has not only become the identity of Dantewada but of the entire Bastar division.