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For the second year in a row, the Rehoboth community celebrated Baster Day last week.
The Silicone Standing Baster with Brush, part of the Orka silicone product family, is a dualfunction baster brush that resists heat up to 570 degrees.
Consumers also should consider color, quality, and brand, along with unique applications in which silicone really enhances the product's performance such as food storage containers, trivets, spatulas, potholders, basters and oven mitts," Mizell said.
Viewers steeled themselves for talk of turkey basters, monthly cycles and IVF clinics.
DENVER -- From toasters to towels to turkey basters, wedding couples often do not need or want more household "stuff.
A new patented oil dispenser from Liquid Motion allows controlled oil-spraying on salads, meats and pastas without the cleanup associated with using brushes, bowls and basters.