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Charlton levelled the game just minutes later through a goal through Bastile Camerling before Joe Pigott scored from the penalty spot to give the south east London side the lead before half time.
During the War he was taken prisoner, carried and confined by the American authorities in a Bastile in Philadelphia, which was considered an invincible barrier: to human skill but by the use of means, combined with ingenuity, succeeded in cutting its bars.
Later, after recitals and concerts in Quebec, she heads first to Milan's La Scala and then Paris's Opera Bastile inVerdi's Falstaff.
Brazil's World Cup-winning captain of 1994, Dunga, is now in charge of the Seleiio while Alfio Bastile has taken over the reigns at Argentina.
Who he was, nobody knows - except that he died in the Bastile in 1703.