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With patriotism's holy fire To hurl the Cerberus from his throne, And tear the unholy triple crown From off his brows; and so restore To every child, of British birth, The right, though poor to tread the earth In freedom; never more to be Consigned to Bastile misery.
In his early production entitled Paris in an Uproar; or, the Destruction of the Bastile in 1789, Astley even had his actors parading on a pike the waxwork of the prison governor's dismembered head, allegedly modelled in situ, that he had bought from Madame Tussaud.
Bastile, supra note 4, at 231 (explaining that NSI's grant of domain name to parties does not grant legal rights with it).
It is not the last stone in the Bastile [sic], nor is it of any great consequence as an article of worth, but as [a] free-will offering, we hope it will be received.
Think not, dear sir that `tis a stone By "infuriate man" from Bastile thrown; `Twas made of milk, pray sir believe it, A free will offering, so receive it.
Marguerite that included the 'Commandant of the Bastile [sic]' in the cast, while promising 'a beautiful View of the BASTILE', for example.
Mary Bastile as grounds for divorce against her husband, Ferdinan, in Domestic Court today.
Ferdinan has a fondness for oddcharacters, and he brings them home at all hours," Mrs Bastile explained.
Bastile replied that he hadnothing against his wife, but he found strange characters more entertaining.
com) claims responsibility for launching the careers of artists including Odesza, Bastile and Capital Cities.
We have prisons [of Law] almost as strong as the Bastile [sic], for those who dare to libel the queens of France," (6) which Blake did with particular vengeance--since Blake at about the time he was engraving America, issued in 1793, envisioned Marie Antoinette as pestilential Venus, the Morning Star, a star in the dawning eastern heavens that expelled its beaming rays upon Paris, just as the chaste Moon of eventide cast plagues upon the citizens of London.
Charlton levelled the game just minutes later through a goal through Bastile Camerling before Joe Pigott scored from the penalty spot to give the south east London side the lead before half time.