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2.1 Non-QoS batch mode heuristic scheduling algorithms
Table-3: The determined amounts of silver(I) by the proposed FIP system, AAS method and batch mode along with the relative deviations (RD) and calculated t-value.
To run SQM in batch mode, create a text file specifying the test video and source file, with optional controls for setting the offsets and number of frames processed.
For distributed big analytics methods, there can be then further classified into batch mode processing or streaming mode processing.
On the other hand, the real-time digital clock recovery performed in the ASIC uses the digitized waveform in the same way as the batch mode but, unlike the batch mode, the recovered clock tracks the signal phase continuously.
Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a way to search the entire character strings in batch mode, resulting in dramatically faster processing.
gonorrhea or in batch mode for chlamydia and gonorrhea, trichomonas and herpes on the same automated platform.
In batch mode experiments with different adsorbents were performed at the following conditions:
Most machines were batch mode and simply could not process PCBs fast enough for volume production.
The reader completes 60,000 scans per charge and stores more than 1,200 linear codes in batch mode use.
At the basis of the experimental process of the [S.sub.I = 1] sample, the EGDM/EtOH solution at room temperature was added to the reaction in a batch mode instead of dropwise in the third stage and the sample labeled as [] was prepared.
The system operates in batch mode, processing large volumes with a single capture flow.