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To me, the interesting part is not the interface question of how you present something in three dimensions and so on," Bates says.
In July 2012, two months after Harry's Law was canceled, Bates was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The brilliant actor mentioned the Dylan-Norman dynamic and how it will be in the heart of the Bates Motel Season 2 finale.
After the death of his wife, Bates hastily re-married, with fellow servant Anna Bates (nee Smith), who is employed as head housemaid at Downton.
Healthcare support worker Adam Warren said Bates took the scissors out of the left breast pocket of his uniform while he helped him use a cardboard urinal.
Giving evidence on Wednesday, paramedic Carl Jones said he was winded when Bates delivered a blow to his chest in the ambulance.
DavidWatson, prosecuting, said Bates had a conviction for assaulting his former boss after being sacked.
After financing a $23,000 recreational vehicle with her then husband, John, 35 years ago, Bate was frustrated by the RV's drain on the couple's finances, particularly since it stayed parked in the yard most of the time.
Norm Rasmussen, 61, a former Bates resident who lives near Grand Rapids, Mich.
Curran says that the lack of competition at Bates is rare.
Previously, Bates served as head of small group retention/sales for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utica-Watertown, in Utica, NY.
And last night the Premiership champions went public in an attack in which they accused him of racism and effectively called for Bates to be banned from the game.