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BASTON. An old French word, which signifies a staff, or club, In some old English statutes the servants or officers of the wardens of the Fleet are so called, because they attended the king's courts with a red staff. Vide Tipstaff.

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Batoon said the government needs to promote destinations as sources of specialty products as this will expand the small and medium enterprise supply chain.
Batoon said that one of the important gaps to solve is the absence or lack of marketing support or corresponding financial incentives including those for joint promotions, participations in trade fairs and exhibits, standardization of farm tourism brands, and assistance in distribution and marketing of farm products.
in general sense, in which also batoon was the form always used during 17th and 18th c.
The delegation included President IWCCI Alia Akram, VP Naima Ansari, Halima Aftab, Shirin Javed, Rizwana Noreen, Shamim Aftab, Farrah Sohail, Mumtaz Akhtar, Sajida Anwaar, Munnazza Arif, Muhammad Arif, Maimoona Khakwani, Laziza Batoon, and Syed Parwana.