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ACTION: Chief Inspector Innes at centre A huge convoy of police vehicles sets out on raids early yesterday Officers in riot gear carrying battering rams enter the block of flats Three of the cops head for one of the properties set to be searched An officer in full riot gear smashes in the door of one of the flats and, above, a suspect is led away from the tower block
Otherwise, a magnet is not a battering ram and does not need to be used to break or beat against anything.
The FBI managed the news, positioning itself - battering rams, Nancy Sinatra music, and all - as moderate and rational, and the Davidians as extremist and irrational.
Manning accuses timbercompany officials of lying about their practices and seems dismayed that a Plum Creek executive for the Rockies issued statements that were "Reaganesque and blunt, battering rams with the bark still on them.
and saw six police officers smashing their way into her bungalow with battering rams.
I have seen some of these prams used like battering rams to get past other shoppers.
POLICE armed with battering rams stormed a Greenpeace ship yesterday when it blockaded Faslane nuclear base.
Women are slapped around, used as battering rams, backed into corners like trapped rats, paraded like sleepwalking dummies, and dropped from embraces like pieces of garbage into a sewer.