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Otherwise, a magnet is not a battering ram and does not need to be used to break or beat against anything.
Built to withstand any assault, it has been attacked from the river, the air and on land, with everything from battering rams to bombs.
The point is, the Broncos, with running back Terrell Davis back in the fold after injury, may well be better than they were in the previous miserable campaign, but unless the Rams have deteriorated significantly - which they have not - they are most unlikely to stay within six points of the battering Rams in the Trans World Dome tonight.
Voucher advocates know the extent of opposition to their undemocratic goals (30 years of statewide referenda results registering two to one opposition and an August 1996 Gallup poll showing 61 percent to 36 percent opposition), so they are cynically trying to use the poor, our society's indifference to urban problems, and the pleasant sound of the word choice as battering rams to crack open the floodgates of public funding for selective, special interest private schools.
The FBI managed the news, positioning itself - battering rams, Nancy Sinatra music, and all - as moderate and rational, and the Davidians as extremist and irrational.
Manning accuses timbercompany officials of lying about their practices and seems dismayed that a Plum Creek executive for the Rockies issued statements that were "Reaganesque and blunt, battering rams with the bark still on them.
The Marine Corps Infantry Breacher's Kit (MCIBK) contains entry bars, bolt cutters, battering rams, ladders and other tools needed to affect forced entry or extrication.
Officers had battering rams to raid the suspected brothel but a detective was invited in by residents who thought he was a punter.
Armed with bolt cutters and battering rams, officers targeted addresses in Stanley, Craghead and Bearpark.
A far greater horror, though, is the plight of babies and toddlers being used as battering rams by their buggy-using adults.