battering ram

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screams the countryman's whistle; timber like long battering-rams going twenty miles an hour against the city's walls, and chairs enough to seat all the weary and heavy-laden that dwell within them.
Sacha Wolff's impressive feature debut demonstrates the insight and sensitivity to look past the battering-ram body and glowering eyes of a 245-pound professional rugby player--a Pacific Islander with the kind of physique Hollywood casting agents inevitably pigeonhole into the role of drug dealer or over-muscled thug--to discover the conflicted soul within.
His head looks like it's made of concrete." Harford, once a battering-ram centre-forward, is now head of recruitment at Millwall.
The 28-year-old Wales battering-ram will join the Twickenham Stoop outfit this summer after two years in Paris with Top 14 giants Racing Metro.