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BAY. Is an enclosure to keep in the water for the supply of a mill or other contrivance, so that the water may be able to, drive the wheels of such mill. Stat. 27 Eliz. c. 19.
     2. A large open water or harbor where ships may ride, is also called a bay; as, the Chesapeake Bay, the, Bay of New York.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The company was founded in early 2000 and is led by senior executives from Bay Networks, Cisco, Nortel/Wellfleet, Cascade/Ascend and Alcatel.
From Ford, I moved to a company in California called Bay Networks. Nortel Networks bought the company, and I became the vice president of external manufacturing strategy for Nortel.
After positions with AT&T, NET, and MCI in the 1980s, Gallagher joined Bay Networks Inc., where he became sales and marketing director.
Rockwell PBX gear and Bay Networks (now owned by Nortel) routers occupy four rows of six or seven racks each.
Two years ago, Nortel took a beating when the acquisition of Bay Networks, a small Cisco competitor, was greeted with skepticism by nervous analysts.
for US$340 million and in the summer of 1998 Nortel acquired Bay Networks Inc.
That fact may give rise to the same kind of criticism that Nortel faced last year when some industry watchers charged that it overpaid when it agreed to hand over $9.1bn for Bay Networks Inc.
Canada's Nortel picked up Bay Networks in a $US9 billion deal, changing its name to Nortel Networks in the process.
Last fall Nortel acquired Bay Networks, bringing together leading suppliers of digital network solutions in Nortel and a leader in the worldwide data networking market in Bay, under the new name of Nortel Networks.
Nortel and Bay Networks announced plans to merge on June 15, 1998.
Nortel Networks (NYSE: NT/TSE: NTL) has announced that Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) has signed an agreement to purchase more than US$6 million worth of local area network (LAN) equipment from its Bay Networks line of business (LOB).