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SHORE. Land on the side of the sea, a lake, or a river, is called the shore. Strictly speaking, however, when the water does not ebb and flow, in a river, there is no shore. See 4 Hill, N. Y. Rep. 375; 6 Cowen, 547; and Seashore.

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The property, conveniently located in the Southeast submarket of Orlando along the Beachline Expressway and in close proximity to the Florida Turnpike and Highway 441/Orange Blossom Trail, is 95% occupied and is a Class A park with concrete tilt construction and minimum 24 foot clear height.
The sand dunes just outside the city are a nature reserve and the beachline stretches for miles and miles.
Pepys' "Notes on Tangier" both confirm and help to explain the sapping erosion, above beachline, visible at the foot of certain harbour wall sections in Hollar's "Tangier without the Water-Gate" (see Plate 4) and in the "Prospect of Tangier from the S.