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BEADLE. Eng. law. A messenger or apparitor of a court, who cites persons to appear to what is alleged against them, is so called.

References in classic literature ?
Although this invitation was accompanied with a curtsey that might have softened the heart of a church-warden, it by no means mollified the beadle.
Mann ushered the beadle into a small parlour with a brick floor; placed a seat for him; and officiously deposited his cocked hat and can on the table before him.
And now about business,' said the beadle, taking out a leathern pocket-book.
The beadle drew himself up with great pride, and said, 'I inwented it.
Well, well,' said the beadle, evidently gratified with the compliment; 'perhaps I may be.
Oliver made a bow, which was divided between the beadle on the chair, and the cocked hat on the table.
So the little crazy lodger goes for the beadle, and the rest come out of the room.
In the midst of this sensation, the beadle arrives.
The sensation is heightened as the tidings spread from mouth to mouth that the beadle is on the ground and has gone in.
By and by the beadle comes out, once more intensifying the sensation, which has rather languished in the interval.
Under cover of the night, the feeble-minded beadle comes flitting about Chancery Lane with his summonses, in which every juror's name is wrongly spelt, and nothing rightly spelt but the beadle's own name, which nobody can read or wants to know.
said the boy, "there's our beadle, who is going a journey.