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BEADLE. Eng. law. A messenger or apparitor of a court, who cites persons to appear to what is alleged against them, is so called.

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Esther is a journalist who trained at the Press Association, and the Rev beadle described her as "warm, bubbly and friendly.
Her friend Natasha Wynarczyk wrote on Twitter that Beadle was supposed to meeting her in London on Saturday but didn't arrive.
Above, skipper Debbie Beadle being lifted onto dry land by race officials in St Port Charles, Barbados
Mr Beadle had a high-profile battle with Labour's Catherine McKinnell in the run-up to the general election, including a visit from Nick Clegg whose party targeted the seat as a likely Northern victory.
Beadle found fame hosting Game for a Laugh in the early 80s with Matthew Kelly, Sarah Kennedy and Henry Kelly.
and ended with the arrival of a poorly disguised Beadle with a false beard on top of his real one.
Beadle was the host of programmes such as Beadle's About and You've Been Framed.
Two and half years in a job is nothing in management today and I thought Beadle would have had next season to get closer to promotion, I have to admit I was surprised at the board's decision," said Addison.
Blight and his board parted company with Beadle 24 hours after County's 2-1 defeat to Fisher Athletic on Saturday which denied them a place in the Conference South play-offs.
SCOTS TV presenter Ross King says he owes his success in the US to his old friend Jeremy Beadle.