Bear date

TO BEAR DATE. In the description of a paper in a declaration, to say it bears date such a day, is to aver that such date is upon it; and if, on being produced, it is dated at another day, the variance will be fatal. But if it be averred it was made on such a day, and upon its production it bears date on another day, it will not be a variance, because it might have been made one day and dated another. 3 Burr. 904.

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About the coin exhibition, he said, it will testify our claim about history of Peshawar as the antiques recovered bear date and time of use.
Bradshaw and Hague are accustomed to spending the summer season in the UK, their annual pilgrimage from Jamaica usually involving at least one Bear date.
Al Sutton, co-founder of the charity explained: ''Brave the bear dates back to when troops were arriving at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, having been injured in Afghanistan.
Many also bear dates, and while they do give an indication of the age of a bottle, they are more likely to relate to the wine's vintage, or to commemorate important personal events such as a birth or the receipt of a knighthood.
This bear dates from the late 19th or early 20th century when there was a revival of interest in France in their earlier faience.
Its fields are green with grass and its banks bear dates.
A number of tombs of Medain Saleh bear dates, but very few do at Petra, and one difference of opinion is whether the same evolution can be assumed for the two sites.
Three of the entries in the "Notebook" section bear dates.
Eleven are quite short, varying between one and eleven pages, and, apart from two that are undated, bear dates between 1923 and 1934.