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Simon Credulous thus attempts to dissociate himself from the "boy" Meanewell (and to create a hierarchical power relation between them), by contrasting his own generativity with the beardlessness of Meanewell.
The point-by-point delineation of physical features, customs and manners--universal black hair, beardlessness among the men, chastity and modesty among the women, nudity among both sexes, with assiduous evaluations and validations of these mores--refutes and deconstructs those preexistent discourses that retailed horrific images of the Caribs.
These rules make it eminently clear that a congregation composed of men of all ages may not appoint a thirteen year old boy, even though he has reached the age of obligation, to represent it, because the dignity of the congregation will be compromised by a person speaking for it who is of lower social standing than its other members, and one measure of this is youthfulness as indicated by beardlessness.