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BEARERS, Eng. crim. law. Such as bear down or oppress others; maintainers. In Ruffhead's Statutes it is employed to translate the French word emparnours, which signifies, according to Kelham, undertakers of suits. 4 Ed. III. c. 11. This word is no longer used in this sense.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Bad weather!" observed one of the bearers; "not a pleasant night for a dip in the sea."
"Really, he is by no means a light load!" said the other bearer, sitting on the edge of the hand-barrow.
As the bearers, among whom was Anna Mikhaylovna, passed the young man he caught a momentary glimpse between their heads and backs of the dying man's high, stout, uncovered chest and powerful shoulders, raised by those who were holding him under the armpits, and of his gray, curly, leonine head.
This time some of the bearers were left behind, and ox-carts were substituted for them, as it was possible to carry more goods this way,
where, after a day spent in holding funeral services over the dead bearer, preparations were made for proceeding farther.
He unbolted the door, called in the bearers, wished us good morning, and with a look full of meaning and a crook of his finger at parting went his way.
Trent did not mention the fact that for four days and nights they were hiding in holes and up trees from the natives whom the King of Bekwando had sent after them, that their bearers had fled away, and that they had been compelled to leave the track and make their way through an unknown part of the bush.
"Yes, and afterwards sneaked off with Francis," Trent broke in bitterly, "and took every bearer with him - after we'd paid them for the return journey too.
The shoulder of one of the tramping bearers knocked heavily against the spectral soldier who was staring into the unknown.
He is also the bearer of a second confidential epistle for his eminence.
If this person you speak of is really the bearer of a letter from there," he added, "I think we can both guess what it is about."
I have obtained the favour that the bearer has a short note from Charles to his wife.