Bearing date

BEARING DATE. These words are frequently used in conveyancing and in pleading; as, for example, a certain indenture bearing date the first day of January, 1851, which signifies not that the indenture was made on that day, but simply that such date has been put to it.
     2. When in a declaration the plaintiff alleges that the defendant made his promissory note on such a day, he will not be considered as having alleged it bore date on that day, so as to cause a variance between the declaration and the note produced bearing a different date. 2 Greenl. Ev. Sec. 1610; 2 Dowl. & L. 759.

References in classic literature ?
But I find that there is a subsequent instrument hitherto unknown to me, bearing date the
Standish was cautiously travelling over the document with his spectacles--"a codicil to this latter will, bearing date March 1, 1828.
His will, bearing date at the time when I left England, bequeathed an income for life to my mother, and left the bulk of his property to me, on the one condition that I adopted his name.
He showed me his weapon, a Tower musket, bearing date 1832 and the stamp of the Honorable East India Company.
They should take along their original Hajj dues receipts with their photograph, bearing date of departure and flight number, the intimation letter issued by Ministry of Religious Affairs, Computerised National Identity Card along with its two copies and six photographs attested by the bank concerned.
The matter has been examined in this ministry (MEA) and to mitigate the problems faced by such children, it has been decided that for the issuance of passports to abandoned, orphan inter-country children, passport authorities may either accept copy of birth certificate or the date of birth as recorded in the court order which should be accompanied by a copy of NOC of CARA bearing date of birth of the adopted child, as his birth proof," the MEA circular said.
Ship of Theseus (what fans call "the inner novel") has the usual library markings: ownership stamps, a Dewey classification number on its spine, its inner cover bearing date stamps showing when it was checked out and in.
Claims can only be accepted from game cards bearing date of the edition of The Mirror in which they appeared.
Sultan Al Marzouqi, director of vehicle licensing, RTA's Licensing Agency, said: "The U Code number plates bearing dates from 1967 to 2017 will be issued, once available on the list of plates on RTA's website"
Sultan Al Marzouqi, Director of Vehicles Licensing, RTAs Licensing Agency, said: The U Code number plates bearing dates from 1967 to 2017 will be issued, once available on the list of plates in RTAs website.
In that dismissed graft charge, the prosecution alleged that the purchase was done with haste without 'competitive bidding and without any post-qualification, bolstered by bid documents bearing dates earlier than the publication of the invitation to bid, showing that an unwarranted benefit, advantage and preference was accorded to the supplier,' the prosecutors said.
The pieces themselves, bearing dates and watermarks as various and sporadic as "New York Times Book Review, 1977"; "Kulchur, 1963"; "The Nation, 1962"; "Sixpack, 1974"; and "Unpublished, 1959" are mostly short.