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CFD investigation of pressure depressions in aerostatic circular thrust bearings, Tribology International 42(7): 1108-1117.
Failures of bearings in machinery can cause large losses.
This whirl can be excited by a number of sources in turbomachinery including seals and even the bearings supporting the rotor.
During recent earthquakes in China, the damage of middle and small span girder bridges included mainly girders falling, bearings sliding, collision of the adjacent girders in the expansion joint, and restrainer or abutment damage.
Release date- 06082019 - Axlebox bearings are subject to extreme loads at the interface between the wheelsets and the bogie frame and must meet various technical requirements.
The water-lubricated SXL turbine guide bearings Thordon installed as part of the re-powering of Norway's Raanaasfoss 1 hydro plant have experienced almost zero wear after 23,887 hours of continuous operation on the first installed unit.
The safe, reliable operation of tunnel boring equipment relies on the integrity of critical bearings and seals.
Unfortunately, bearings are often mounted and dismounted using brute force, with non-specialist tools such as hammers.
Bearings are workhorse devices designed literally to bear loads and reduce friction between bodies moving against each other in a linear or rotary fashion.
TRT is a typical double support rotor system with extended discs whose impeller and hub are located between the two bearings, The free end is fitted with a gear plate for turning the rotor at start-up.
If proper lube levels have been established, temperature rising higher than 8-12 degrees on similar bearings in the same application and similar environmental factors, can indicate a diagnosis of the bearing condition.