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Toto whimpered a little, but none of the others was frightened, and they kept along the well-trodden path until they came to an opening in the wood, in which were gathered hundreds of beasts of every variety.
He sniffed at his fingers, as a wild beast might sniff at the life-blood upon a wounded paw.
At noon the earth began to quake, and opened in many places, and out of the openings appeared lions, tigers, and other wild beasts, which surrounded the castle, and thousands and thousands of beasts came out of the castle following their king, the Seven-headed Serpent.
They slay the buck, and the moose, and the wild cat, and all the beasts that range the woods, and stuffing them with worthless rags, and placing eyes of glass into their heads, they set them up to be stared at, and call them the creatur's of the Lord; as if any mortal effigy could equal the works of his hand
The beasts, snapping and snarling, half turned upon their master and their tormentor, but long fear still held them from his putrid throat.
Paulvitch saw no menace in the inquiring gaze, or in the attitude of the beast.
He would call all her life beasts from der forests, und dey would come.
The beast was upon its belly, moving forward very slowly.
Straight for me the two savage beasts were driving their quarry
Grim beasts would stalk him, as they had stalked him in the past, and never would there be a moment, by savage day or by cruel night, that he might not have instant need of such crude weapons as he could fashion from the materials at hand.
Again I fired, but others of the ferocious beasts leaped over their fallen fellows and pursued us.
The beasts of the jungle that he had been reared among were playful to maturity but seldom thereafter.