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Hubler noted hotels, libraries and other public places that have been shut down and treated because of bed bugs.
Unfortunately, the methods some people use to rid themselves of bed bugs are not only unorthodox, but also reckless and irresponsible.
The academic, however, warned that there are few signs of this tackling the problem, because bed bugs can lie dormant for long periods.
This was the second major residential fire in two weeks set by someone trying to kill bed bugs that has caused extensive damage, according to the Cincinnati Fire Department, Fox News affiliate WXIX-TV (http://www.
Lead researcher Dr William Hentley from the University of Sheffield in London said that leaving worn clothes exposed in sleeping areas when travelling may facilitate the dispersal of bed bugs.
Bed bugs may be found anywhere there is a sleeping human body and can travel up to 100 feet on their own to find a host.
As for bed bug bites in general, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends antiseptic creams or lotions and antihistamine use.
There has been long speculation whether bed bugs can transmit diseases, and in fact more than 40 different pathogens have been implicated.
However, the potential for bed bugs to be classified as a disease vector could raise their threat level from costly nuisance to a public health crisis.
Bed bugs have become a noted problem in Toronto; a study by Hwang and co-authors (2005) of 34 pest management companies found that 847 bed bug infestations were treated in 2003.
Pyrethrins act as an axionic excitotoxin on bed bugs, which effectively paralyzes them by messing with the sodium channels that regulate their nerve cells.