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For more information on bed bugs, please visit www.
Bed bugs have largely been ignored in mainland China because of the success of the Patriotic Public Health Campaign undertaken under Chinese Government.
There are two distinct players in bed bug discussions: 1) The occupant whose unit is the source of the nest and from where the bed bugs emanated; and 2) The occupant(s) in the vicinity of the source, who were second-hand victims of the expanding infestation.
These products are made with a polyurethane membrane that traps bed bugs inside, where they eventually die with their food source cut off.
This inspection can be combined with an inspection of the tenant's space immediately following a move-in to identify bed bugs that might have been newly introduced to the building.
Modern insecticides are proving to be somewhat ineffective against bed bugs," he reports, adding that insects can also develop some level of resistance to insecticides in general.
Use a flashlight to check for small, reddish spots, they could be bed bugs hiding under and along the seams of the mattress, box spring and bed frame.
The exact causes of the resurgence are not known, but important factors appear to include increased international travel among humans, pesticide resistance among bed bugs, the ease with which bed bugs can spread, and reduced indoor use of residual insecticides (Cooper 2011; Jones and Bryant 2012).
In a May 2015 study conducted by the National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky, 64 percent of pest professionals reported that bed bug infestations continue to be on the rise and 74 percent encountered these pests in hotels and motels.
Keep electronics such as cameras, computers, or phones that you travel with in sealed bags to prevent the bed bugs from hiding inside.
Bed bugs have become a noted problem in Toronto; a study by Hwang and co-authors (2005) of 34 pest management companies found that 847 bed bug infestations were treated in 2003.