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We also stratified along four hospital characteristics: bed size, profit structure, membership in a hospital system, and within-diagnosis inpatient admission rates (Year=2007).
In France, the standard double bed size is 160 x 200 cms (5ft 3in x 6ft 6in), but unfortunately many UK house builders build too many new houses and apartments with the main bedroom designed only for a 4ft 6in bed.
"The selection of hospitals is based on the bed size and the location.
Our customers will benefit significantly, as we can now offer a very extensive range of machines from small bed size to large, and from vacuum formers right up to the very latest pressure forming machinery.
The directory provides hospital name, personnel and bed size indices.
Most of the study hospitals were in the southern and northern central United States, with an average bed size of 288; 115 of the hospitals were nonteaching facilities.
The smaller bed size has facilitated the use of a solid slab of granite for the machining table that provides increased rigidity to minimize vibration.
Bed size measures 40"x27" and machining area 40"x27"x8".
Edward is one of only three hospitals in the country in its bed size category of 300-449 beds to get the same award.
The difference between models is the bed size and the maximum workpiece size that can be cut on each machine.
(4) On enrollment into the Q-Probes Program, each participating institution submitted certain demographic information, including their geographic location, teaching status, residency program status, occupied bed size, and laboratory accreditation status.
Serena duvet set , priced from pounds 16.99 for the single bed size, from Texstyle WorldStriped for action ...