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Mrs Bravette noticed an unpleasant smell and was shocked when she realised it was as a result of her husband's bed sores.
Dr Fraser Charlton, a consultant at the RVI, who carried out the postmortem on Malcolm, said he died from multiple organ failure due to septicaemia, which had most likely come from the infection in the bed sore.
As his intelligent mattress designs - the Synidor system - are due to go into manufacture, they have been hailed as one of the most interesting developments in the management of bed sores in the last 30 years.
THE BEREAVED family of a grandmotherwho suffered bruises and infected bed sores after staying at a North Wales care home say they may take legal action.
They were also concerned he was suffering from bed sores.
The Care Commission ruled the home - heavily criticised over the 2002 killing of a 90-year-old kicked to death by a fellow resident - did not give Mrs Low enough fluid or food and failed to "prevent or care" for an eight inch by seven inch bed sore on her back.
A WOMAN of 73 died from massive bed sores after spending nine weeks in a nursing home, an inquest heard last night.
After a visit, Myfanwy's GP raised the alarm that she had developed severe bed sores and had her rushed to hospital.
They ensure regular movement while patients are in the bed to reduce bed sores, improve circulation, etc.
A NEW reporting system for bed sores will be rolled out across Wales' care homes to stop older people suffering neglect.
The high-frequency vibrations, which also treat bed sores, stimulate recovery and cut the need for drugs.
AN ACCLAIMED Welsh doctor wants to make it a statutory requirement for staff at nursing homes to report bed sores in the wake of alleged neglect at several South Wales care homes.