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BEDEL, Eng. law. A cryer or messenger of a court, who cites men to appear and answer. There are also inferior officers of a parish or liberty who bear this name.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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How can we be here for 25 more years, and 25 after that?'" explains Bedel.
Fittingly, it was a Rolex team of Stephane Oberer, Federic Torres, Dominique Bedel who took the honours as they combined with their Swedish professional for a score of 23 under par.
Veteran financial planner and industry leader Elaine Bedel of Bedel Financial Consulting in Indianapolis welcomed more than 2,000 of her peers to the 23rd annual Schwab RIA conference by sounding a theme echoed by Schwab's Walt Bettinger and Bernie Clark: the RIA profession is healthy and growing, and its continuing evolution can provide great benefits to advisors' clients.
Older readers may remember the 14-year rule of Jean Bedel Bokassa who started as a colonel and translated himself into Emperor Bokassa in 1972, with a coronation designed to rival that of his hero, Napoleon.
This year's award winners are planners and educators Elaine Bedel, Harold Evensky and Deena Katz, Kacy Gott and Savvy Ladies, a New York-based nonprofit that educates women about the importance of financial planning.
Individuals wishing to be considered for election as a trustee for a three-year term beginning July 1 should send a brief letter indicating interest and a current resume by June 15 to John DeVault, chair of the nominating committee, at jdevault@ bedel lfirm.
Gercekten yoneten icin de; yonetilen hasta-hekim icin de sorunsuz bir saglik ortami buyuk ugras ve bedel gerektiriyor.
There were just 90 seconds on the clock when Chris Mills put the visitors ahead and Bedel Guei was inches away from doubling the lead on 18 minutes only for his effort to hit the crossbar.
Murray Bedel, a double-arm amputee, received help with the installation of a Power Pin controlled with a cable on his tractor.