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BEDEL, Eng. law. A cryer or messenger of a court, who cites men to appear and answer. There are also inferior officers of a parish or liberty who bear this name.

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So far, so good for Bedel and his GenerationNeXt practice, which primarily serves young professional clients in the 20-to-40 age range.
The Labs are owned by Glen Bedel, who reports that Lucy is showing signs of pal nting .
Ozellikle hastanin Cocuk Yogun Bakim Birimi'nde (CYBB) izlenmesi gerektigi durumlarda ekonomik bedel ve duygusal stres artmaktadir.
There were just 90 seconds on the clock when Chris Mills put the visitors ahead and Bedel Guei was inches away from doubling the lead on 18 minutes only for his effort to hit the crossbar.
A low strike from Saints' Chris Mills opened the scoring after just 90 seconds, and the visitors went on to have by far the better of the first-half with Bedel Guei also slamming and effort against the crossbar on 18 minutes.
Murray Bedel, a double-arm amputee, received help with the installation of a Power Pin controlled with a cable on his tractor.
4) Bedel also commented on the evolution of the perception of the female body.
Also convicted of crimes against humanity were Korea's Chun Doo-hwan (1980-1088) and, in Africa, Jean Bedel Bokassa (1965-1979) of the Central African Republic and Mengistu Haile Mariam (1977-1991) of Ethiopia.
Martre's friend Arnaud Bedel, 34, a Paris-based IT consultant, said: "I think France have a good chance to win but not by more than 20 points.
Hukumet eski zamanlarda arasira Turkleri himaye ettigine bedel bu def'a Turklerin ziyanina olarak rumlar tarafina temayul etti.
Ilk kez, vezir Rustem Pasa zamaninda uygulanan iltizam sisteminde (Cin,1978: 107), topragin vergi hakkini elinde bulunduracak kisi, bunun icin devlete pesin bir bedel odemek durumundaydi.