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BEDEL, Eng. law. A cryer or messenger of a court, who cites men to appear and answer. There are also inferior officers of a parish or liberty who bear this name.

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It didn't seem right that an individual could be punished for supplying a safe, all-natural substance which promotes healing simply because it was overlooked by mainstream medicine, so Congressman Bedell joined forces with like-minded senators and in 1994, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act was signed into law by President Clinton.
Brian Bedell highlighted the history of Human Rights in America and said that presently the respect of human rights is essential for the strengthening of democracy while Kayrn Anderson highlighted the importance and need of human rights in the present world.
Accordingly, it entered judgment dismissing Bedell and remanded the case for a new trial on the claims against LRHC and Heartland.
By one account, Butler confided to a friend that Elizabeth had been 'in tears'," Bedell Smith writes.
BFS is part of Bedell Group, headquartered in Jersey which provides legal and fiduciary services.
Bedell also praised Hasselhoff, who she said had "been immersed in showbusiness for many years".
Police said Bedell pulled out a gun at the busy commuter rail subway entrance that serves the Pentagon, shooting and injuring two police officers.
John Patrick Bedell, 36, died in hospital after the incident at a busy subway entrance to the US military HQ in Arlington, Virginia.
The gunman, identified by authorities as 36-year-old John Patrick Bedell, was apparently trying to gain entry to the giant U.
Geraldine Bedell was told that she cannot participate in the Emirates Airline International Festival of Literature this month because her novel 'The Gulf Between Us' contains references to homosexuality.
The Emirates Airline International Festival of Literature (EAIFL) faced an international literary storm last week after news that The Gulf Between Us, a romantic novel by Britain's Geraldine Bedell, was rejected by the festival.
Former Bahrain resident Geraldine Bedell was stunned when her novel about life in the Gulf was excluded from entry in the first Dubai International Festival of Literature.