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Counters and loggers were read, and bedload and suspended soil loss measured, about seven times each year; thus, the runoff and soil data are accumulated values for each service period.
The objective of this study is to develop hypotheses about the mechanism of physical transport by clarifying the pattern of bedload traveling in clams and to discuss the influence of transport on the spatial distribution of juveniles.
In this paper, a simple event sediment concentration model was fitted to suspended and bedload sediment concentrations measured on hillslope runoff plots at the 'Springvale' catchment study, in central Queensland.
Where sand is moving as bedload across a seabed of gravel, the environment is not optimum for horse mussels attached to the gravel as they are periodically buried and subjected to abrasion.
A certain amount of bedload transport of coarser fractions probably occurs during spring and autumn floods; unfortunately no reliable data about its magnitude are available.
1]; steep valley-side slopes but with the development of a floodplain between the valley side and river channel; and transport of gravel bedload and deposition of fine-grained overbank material during flood events.
It is possible that these effects are related to differences in bedload sediment transport and/or microhabitat conditions that influenced oyster physiology and growth.
Soil loss from runoff plots, 1998 and 1999 C, Average sediment concentration (g/L) Total Suspended soil C Runoff load (A) Bedload loss Treatment (g/L) (mm) (g) (A) (g) (t/ha) 1998 NTCN 0.
The significance of this is that there is a continuity and a regularity to be expected in a bedload type of deposit.
Bedload sediment was collected from the bottom of the troughs and oven-dried at 40[degrees]C.
However, the estimated mortalities could also be affected by resuspension and bedload transport of surfclam recruits to or from other locations.