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Below that [on the outer sides of the pavilion], there was evidence of plunder--piggy banks smashed to pieces, one [piggy bank/sacrificial pot was lion-shaped and] (36) made of Chinese porcelain, another one was made of black-burnt earth--and of iconoclastic fury (Dutch: beeldenstorm): statues of deities, smashed beyond recognition into small pieces.
(37) In his 1926 article, Maclaine Pont states as follows: 'En bij de zeer weinige, minitieuse ontgravingen van Majapahitsche puinhoopen, waartoe beperkte middelen in staat stelden, konden plundering, brandstichting, vernieling en beeldenstorm ten duidelijkste worden geconstateerd.' (Despite budgetary constraints, occasional but meticulous excavations of Majapahit earthworks showed indisputable signs of plunder, arson, destruction and iconoclastic fury) (Maclaine Pont 1926:312).