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62) The 1536 Act generally referred to by historians as concerning poor relief was titled An Acte for punysshement of sturdy vacabundes and beggers.
Mika: I had a certain prototype for homeless people, I assumed they were just beggers (sic) who didn't try to do anything, but they weren't always that way, there was always something to bring them down right when they got on their feet .
Afterall, before 1972 Ugandans were basically beggers, literally, in their own country.
The Jagger/Richards song, which first appeared on the 1968 album Beggers Banquet, is a dramatic monologue in which Lucifer brags about his achievements, insists on commonalities between himself and his listeners, and demands courtesy if met: he is a "man of wealth and taste," after all.
I am not trying to say beggers are bad people and discriminate them but would like someone to tell me if helping them is the right thing or do I run a risk of getting my myself in trouble.
I would all Rushes in this Realme,' exclaims the physician, 'were as riche in value: it would make a flourishing common wealth, and mutch plenty, no Beggers, but riches, and a golden Worlde' (sig.
IT truly beggers belief that in the 21st century Ian Paisley Jnr can get away with his homophobic rant.
5) The rhetoric surrounding laws passed by the Austrian legislature in 1873 and 1885, directed against those "averse to work" (Arbeitsscheue) such as beggers, vagabonds and prostitutes, reveals a society obsessed with fears about the itinerant population including what they depicted as a rapidly expanding, too independent, unsupervised, wayward (verwahrlost), depraved (verdorbt) and unrestrained youth.
Their deformed assassins hobble about the stage, stereotyping the beggers and muggers that inhabit the sleazy districts of any large city.
This Bangkok thoroughfare is full of cliches, such as limbless beggers sprawled outside gleaming banks.
IT beggers belief that doctors' surgeries could be forced to strike people off their books, if they have not been seen by the doctors in the last five years.
Tenders are invited for Providing Consultancy services for preparation of Detailed Project Report for Construction of Bridge at SWD V-201 along BWSSB pipeline service road near Ganesha temple, backside Beggers colony, Choudeshvari nagara and along BWSSB pipeline service road at the junction of P&T main road & pipeline road at Srinivasanagara ward no 73 of Kottigepalya in Rajarajeshvari nagara zone.