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Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy observed, "Which (a Red Sox action) begs the question, How come Sox stars behave like babies (in Yankee Stadium)?
Its provision that all children in state care must have a permanent plan for their care within 12 months of being removed from their homes begs the question that many of these children come from family situations marked by such economic, educational, moral, and health deprivation that 12 months of intervention can hardly make a dent.
And he begs the question what was it like to fight Muhammad Ali?
When I date again, I definitely want to go out with a man who can lend me his reading glasses'' Begs the question if former model Jerry Hall was shortsighted in her marriage to Rolling Stone Mick Jagger.
That warning begs the question What are the ingredients of a successful corporate trading experience?
This contextual approach to faith and theology begs the question of the nonnegotiable.
Because it begs the question, is there value to applying this protocol to other areas?
The "extension" rationale begs the question of whether, without material tax information, a taxpayer can even make a bona fide and reasonable estimate of his liability required for a valid extension (Crocker, 92 TC 899 (1989)).
Of course, Moir says, having this technology begs the question, "What do you do if you find oil?
I feel as I read about tragic cases such as Ryan and others like Khyra Ishaq, it really begs the question of should we bring back capital punishments for abusers of children, and should social services be put on trial for the lack of support and care to these children and prevent abuse like this happening?
Which begs the question why are we spending millions when we have a financial crisis when it is so ineffectual?