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This contextual approach to faith and theology begs the question of the nonnegotiable.
Because it begs the question, is there value to applying this protocol to other areas?
While his focus is on Virginia, his comparison of the planters' genteel project with that of the rising commercial classes in Britain begs the question whether there were groups in the colonies who were even closer to the British mercantile model.
The "extension" rationale begs the question of whether, without material tax information, a taxpayer can even make a bona fide and reasonable estimate of his liability required for a valid extension (Crocker, 92 TC 899 (1989)).
Of course, Moir says, having this technology begs the question, "What do you do if you find oil?
This appalling Alabama story begs the question of how a serial abuser of the Hippocratic Oath could find safe haven time and again in local medical systems.
That Streisand has such influence begs the question, ``Can I sound like Barbra, even if I'm more jazzy -- and should I?
There's an element of truth to this but it isn't a legitimate adaptationist explanation because it begs the question of why the mind should find comfort in beliefs that are false.
This begs the question, who are the young fans on Merseyside going to grow up supporting?
This scenario could of course occur, but would represent a small percentage of cases, and begs the question of rejection of a generally sensible proposal to accommodate a relatively infrequent occurrence.
Thorne asserts that "Caliban's monstrously misshapen form is open to more than one reading," which perhaps begs the question since it can be argued that his form is not misshapen at all and is seen as such only because of the limitations of the perspective of the Europeans, or because of their self-interest; and she writes that "[a] strong Neoplatonic bias .
Still, if product brands in agribusiness are trending towards shorter life spans, it begs the question whether marketing energy shouldn't be redistributed with greater emphasis on building the corporate brand.