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Sarraute's relationship to behaviorism is one of the most interesting in the period, since it combines condemnation of what she sees as the "behaviorist novel" in American and French literature with adoption in her own writing of other psychological doctrines that might also be considered behaviorist.
This discussion is not about whether or not rationalists or behaviorists are correct in their opinions.
Whereas other psychologists tend to talk about a failure to generalize as a lack of internalization, behaviorists' explanation is that these behaviors are contingency-controlled and not rule-governed.
John Kirtland, Ringling's executive director of animal stewardship and an animal behaviorist by training, says the CEC's and IEF's efforts are still a "work in progress," although the commitment is there.
Although I am a strict behaviorist in the Skinnerian tradition, I
Measurement of learning Is very important to behaviorists in that numerical results from pupils on tests need to be an end result.
And the science of psychology on the behaviorist model was you were going to correlate these stimulus inputs with the behavioral outputs.
Watson and the behaviorists attacked these findings, claiming that there were no natural fears of the dark, only anxieties that bumbling parents created.
Among the array of job related attitudinal constructs, job satisfaction has attracted the most attention by far of organizational behaviorists. Because literally thousands of research projects have dealt with the topic over the past twenty-five years, a comprehensive review and assessment of the literature is beyond the scope of this article.