Being charged interest on a car that was returned.

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Country: United States of America
State: New York

I bought a car in 1993 it did not run well so I voluntarily returned it, in 1995 they started to garnish my wages my place of employment closed the total they collected at that time was 898.00 They now just restarted garnishing my wages in Aug of 2005 with out notifying me of anything, when I called them they said that they sent me papers in 1999 which were returned but they sent them to an address that I never lived at. They want a total of 6,132.16 off of me 2,745 of this being interest. My question is this legally for them not to contact me for ever and then expect me to pay all this interest, or is there some way that I can get out of this, also in this car loan I had an insurance tat if myself or the co signer passed away that it would be played off does this still stand after a judgment is placed? Because the co signer has paced away just recently, could you please let me know any info that you can?


You may contact the court that was involved and inform the court you never rec'd any court papers.they may set the judgment aside.
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