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The most common type of belay device is the ATC[TM] (which stands for Air Traffic Controller).
UIAA, breaking strength 22 KN,Stop lock descending, CE EN 341, class A for use with 10-12 mm kernmentle ropes, 325 6ms,6iri-Giri manual, self breaking belay device for use with single rope 10-12 mm, CE certified, 225 Gms,Ascender Manual left and right certification CE EN 567 NFPPA 1933 L j CE EN 12841 type B suitable for use with ropes of dia 8-13mm, 195, I Gms weight,CBRN mask with BA set (Carbon composite Cylinder) working time 45 minutes, with drinking water port ans water bottle, total weight fully, filled not exceeding 11.
This new belay device is everything that you need for day-to-day climbing or multi-pitch adventures, where more than one rope is used in a climb.