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Good belaying requires a high degree of concentration, and the nature of climbing in a group in close confines means that there is inevitable social interaction between the belayers and non-climbers on the ground.
Again, a belayer supports them from below, but if the climber slips they fall to their previous spot versus being immediately "caught" by a taut rope.
Using this method of belaying is not overly reliable and can cause a lot of harm to both the climber and the belayer.
the climber is asking the belayer if the rope is tied in.
When he reached the center of the beam, he yelled to his belayer, who was holding the safety rope, "I'm ready.
her belayer, Eugene Parks and Recreation staff member Nathaniel Mitchell, gently prodded while she was suspended about halfway to the ground.
In TRC an anchor is placed at the top of the climb through which the rope runs between the belayer and climber to protect against a fall.
Once you've reached your goal, the belayer lowers you back to the ground.
Now that I've learned how to tie in, belay, and climb, Lazzeri sets me loose to find a buddy so we can take turns as belayer and climber.
When the belayer came to ascend the ropes he would hang out in space about 20 metres from the rock face with a 700-metre drop below and look around with the helmet-cam.
For example, has the belayer test been successfully completed and documented?
A belayer (the person who helps secure you with a rope and supervises your climb) double checks the equipment.