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Good belaying requires a high degree of concentration, and the nature of climbing in a group in close confines means that there is inevitable social interaction between the belayers and non-climbers on the ground.
"Once you have reached the highest point you lean back and as the belayer releases the rope bit by bit, you 'walk' down the side of the mountain," Rahim said.
One end of the rope is tied to the climber's harness; the other is held by or clipped to a belayer on the ground, who takes up its slack as the climber ascends.
Belay (bi-LAY) - a secure rope Belayer (bi-LAY-er)--the person who holds the rope
This primitive yet dramatic act is hip belaying--using one's body to introduce friction to the rope, thereby enabling the belayer to control the speed and amount that the rope slides through the belay device, which, in this case, is you.
When we begin top-roping (i.e., climbing with a rope secured to our harness, that goes to a clip on the ceiling and down to the belayer), a well-fitting harness is the most important piece of equipment.
If a person fell, the belayer (a companion holding the safety rope) would "lock down," or grab the rope tightly, stopping the climber's downward motion at all costs.
Carol, your belayer - the person who saves the climber from tumbling down should there be an accident - will not let you fall.
When he reached the center of the beam, he yelled to his belayer, who was holding the safety rope, "I'm ready.
"You want to keep coming down?" her belayer, Eugene Parks and Recreation staff member Nathaniel Mitchell, gently prodded while she was suspended about halfway to the ground.
In TRC an anchor is placed at the top of the climb through which the rope runs between the belayer and climber to protect against a fall.