below par

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I think the players have done this absolutely fantastically so far, even if we were below par and we will try to do better against Stoke.
Maxwell's suggestion on the eve of the World Twenty20 that he could be the X-factor that Australia needs to win the tournament rankled some players, and he was axed in favour of David Hussey for the semi-final against the West Indies following a couple of below par performances.
Pardew feels half of his team are below par at the moment, and when asked if Yohan Cabaye was one of them, he added: "You could say that about four or five players.
NWT chairman Chris Jackson, who is also the Welsh Mountain Zoo's administrative director in Upper Colwyn Bay, said: "The feeling generally is that it has been a below par Easter to date, that's largely due to the weather.
Its latest Monthly Industrial Trends survey also revealed that demand for UK manufactured goods at home and abroad has fallen further below par in March, and that prices are again expected to fall over the coming quarter.
3 : a usual or average level <His grades were below par.
Q My boyfriend's childish behaviour caught me on a night when I already felt below par and my patience finally snapped.
She did, though, run below par when only 10th of 11 behind Prima Luce at this track on her seasonal debut earlier this month.
Q WHEN something is sub-standard it is described as below par but being below par is a good thing in golf.
20), who also ran below par last time and is better judged on his previous debut fourth at Newbury.
Here, around 16 years ago, Zvi Hecker also built his famous Spiral apartment block (AR October 1990), an ebullient architectural bricolage, notable for the anecdote that Hecker (allegedly) took potshots at the building during construction (he lived across the street from the site), when he considered workmanship standards below par.
There are days when I hit two below par on a front nine, but on the back nine I'm four above par.