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Tory back benchers are already circling Cameron like sharks round a bleeding carcass.
Abdur Rashid urged upon the teachers to avoid the concept of back benchers in the contemporary classrooms so that the students should have equal access to the teacher without having any inferiority complex.
The Prince is the sixth member of the Royal Family to be called to the Bench as a Royal Bencher and is following in the footsteps of the Queen Mother, called in 1944, and his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, called in 1988.
Fifteen Liberal Democrats also backed a referendum despite orders from new leader Nick Clegg to abstain, with three front benchers resigning over the issue.
Most of the great changes in Canada were spurred by opposition members, as well as back benchers in the ruling parties.
During our travels around New Zealand, following the British Lions rugby team on their tour, we were in a pub called the Back Benchers - directly opposite the Parliament Building - having a laugh and a sing-song, when two very smart gentlemen asked if they could join us.
The Conwy MP comes out on top in research, which also suggests the prime minister's back benchers are growing more restless and ready to revolt.
His back benchers should tell him to his face his time is up.
Mr Field said: "These concerns are different to any others expressed by back benchers.
But after Wednesday's terror bill vote on raising the 14 day detention to 90 days was defeated by the Tories, Lib Dems and 49 Labour back benchers, I now feel betrayed by the party that I have stood by all these years.
Ms Jowell has already announced a cap of eight on the number of Las Vegas-style ``super-casinos'' to be permitted under her Gambling Bill, following an outcry from churches, Labour back benchers and poverty campaigners over initial plans for a free-for-all.
Bob Marshall Andrews joined fellow back benchers in urging him to go after claims a second visa for his ex-lover's nanny was ``fasttracked''.