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BENEFICE, eccles. law. In its most extended sense, any ecclesiastical preferment or dignity; but in its more limited sense, it is applied only to rectories and vicarages.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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La capitalisation ajustee au risque de Tunis Re demeure forte et devrait se renforcer en etant soutenue par une bonne retention des benefices et la generation de capital externe.
La Bourse de Casablanca a limite sa baisse jeudi a la cloture, son indice global Masi ayant regresse de 0,15 pc a 8.864,83 points, sous l'effet de l'allegement des pertes accusees par plusieurs societes de poids apres un mouvement de prises de benefice.
It brings to an end months of uncertainly within the benefice of Llansadwrn, Llanddona, Llaniestyn, and Pentraeth Llanddyfnan, which is part of the deanery of Tindaethwy, where Rev Prys had been rector since 1992.
The benefice sends back to Guatemala a shipment of first Communion uniforms, school supplies, food, and funds for medical assistance.
En outre, en depit de la baisse du chiffre d'affaires global, le resultat d'exploitation degage par la filiere s'est solde par un benefice global de plus de 7,82 milliards DA (contre un benefice de 6,2 mds DA en 2014).
Le profit obtenu selon la comptabilite d'exercice (benefice net) est generalement different du profit obtenu selon la comptabilite de caisse (flux monetaires nets).
RECENTLY my husband and I attended the 'ministry in context' evening in the United Benefice of Bothal and Pegswood with Longhirst.
It is preferable perhaps to refer to benefice income rather than "the parish," although the one impacted on the other.
Considering public office as a benefice necessarily results in favouritism, which in turn leads to the abuse and misuse of public money, bribery, graft, influence peddling and corruption," he said.
Le benefice net total s'eleve a 27,3 millions de dollars, soit une augmentation de 51,8% en comparaison avec les 18,0 millions de dollars pour la meme periode en 2013.