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BENEFICE, eccles. law. In its most extended sense, any ecclesiastical preferment or dignity; but in its more limited sense, it is applied only to rectories and vicarages.

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Selon l'agence espagnole EFE, la societe a l'intention de tripler ses benefices en trois ans.
864,83 points, sous l'effet de l'allegement des pertes accusees par plusieurs societes de poids apres un mouvement de prises de benefice.
Rev Hughes, who is married with two children, said: "I am delighted to accept the Bishop of Gloucester's invitation to serve in the Tetbury Benefice.
This follows the medieval tradition of the parish benefice, or one in which a parish produces a good to support the parish.
It brings to an end months of uncertainly within the benefice of Llansadwrn, Llanddona, Llaniestyn, and Pentraeth Llanddyfnan, which is part of the deanery of Tindaethwy, where Rev Prys had been rector since 1992.
Changes to the law will mean clergy no longer have to apply for a special licence for couples with a "qualifying connection" to one church who want to marry in another church within the same benefice, or grouping of parishes.
For more information about the event contact the Benefice Office on 0121 449 2243.
Les PME de petite taille sont proportionnellement plus nombreuses (42 % par rapport a 23 % pour les grandes PME) a ne percevoir aucun benefice relie aux regimes de retraite, alors que les PME de plus grande taille sont proportionnellement plus nombreuses (44 % par rapport a 34 % pour les petites PME) a percevoir plusieurs benefices aux regimes de retraite offerts a leurs employes.
RECENTLY my husband and I attended the 'ministry in context' evening in the United Benefice of Bothal and Pegswood with Longhirst.
In our parish of Pembroke Dock and in our benefice of Carew we have many churches where all the members work hard to reach out to others - especially those in need - at all times including Christmas.
La gestion des resultats a pour effet de modifier les accruals de l'entreprise, definis comme la difference entre le benefice net et les flux monetaires nets generes par les activites d'exploitation (reference a la Figure 1).
It is preferable perhaps to refer to benefice income rather than "the parish," although the one impacted on the other.