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BENEFICE, eccles. law. In its most extended sense, any ecclesiastical preferment or dignity; but in its more limited sense, it is applied only to rectories and vicarages.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Aussi, certaines societes ont assume le toilettage du bilan a la croissance des benefices comme BMCE BOA ou Addoha.
La societe a enregistre un benefice net record de 7,7 millions de dinars en 2013, principalement tire par de solides revenus de placement, avec des performances techniques demeurant modestes, generant un ratio combine de 98%.
La Bourse de Casablanca a limite sa baisse jeudi a la cloture, son indice global Masi ayant regresse de 0,15 pc a 8.864,83 points, sous l'effet de l'allegement des pertes accusees par plusieurs societes de poids apres un mouvement de prises de benefice.
La Bourse d'Egypte a termine, hier vendredi, en baisse, du fait des prises de benefices, faisant ainsi redresser, lors de cette seance de fin de semaine, les indices boursiers, a la suite d'une serie de hausses record enregistrees lors des precedentes seances.
In a recent essay, O'Connor wrote: "My theory is that creating local benefices with global support to engage the natural creative life of a small community shifts the cultural emphasis away from nomadic tendencies of the technological culture and toward a more generative and sustainable local culture.
He displays the complex relationship among wealth, benefices, and the clergy, though he might have provided a broader discussion of tithe-collecting, including how the practice of using secular collection agents upset the peasantry.
Le lissage des benefices est defini comme une configuration particuliere de la gestion des resultats au sein des societes d'Etat.
The genesis of the registers is as follows: according to practices originating in the Middle Ages and confirmed in the fifteenth century, a large number of French ecclesiastical benefices, including cathedral chapter positions and major city parishes, were reserved for university graduates.
These 19 papers explore the complexities in the relationships between patrons and benefactors and their expectations of each other, the earthly secular of religious founders and patrons, fashions of benefaction, specifics of a monastery's remembrance of its benefactors, the social status of benefactors, the benefices of death, extremes of patronage in benefices to mendicant orders by royal houses, monastic litigation against patrons, recompense in the form of historical lies, effects on health care, clashes of will, and social ranking within communities and orders.
Over pounds 796 was raised for Christian Aid at the United Benefices of Easington Sponsored Walk.
Royal legislation in 1529 (against absenteeism/nonresidence and pluralism and to reform the management of benefices) to compel the clergy to stand to their spiritual obligations and meet the normal expectations of them inadvertently set in train a course of events that overtook those initial, limited objectives.