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MUTATION, French law. This term is synonymous with change, and is particularly applied to designate the change which takes place in the property of a thing in its transmission from one person to another; permutation therefore happens when, the owner of the thing sells, exchanges or gives it. It is nearly synonymous with transfer. (q.v.) Merl. Repert. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mendel's Accountant created possible mutations with precisely quantified characteristics including: frequency distribution, fraction of beneficial mutations, range of mutation effects, and ratio of dominants to recessives.
Some fishes suffered beneficial mutation, whereas others preferentially preserved the duplicates, such as the DNAH9 duplicates in P.
A possible explanation could be that, although genomic mutation rates are the same for both high and low fitness clones, the proportion of beneficial mutations is greater in a clone with lower fitness by the simple fact that there is more room for improvement.
Where [x.sub.max] represents the number of age classes, [[Pi].sub.b] is the probability of fixing a mutation that increases survivorship at age x, [[Pi].sub.d] is the probability of fixing a new mutant that decreases survivorship at age x, [Lambda] is a constant, and the ratio of deleterious to beneficial mutations is v: 1
If f [less than] -1/(1 - 2s), allele b would become deterministically fixed as a beneficial mutation; as I discuss in another paper (Kawecki 1996), its spread would also result in an episode of selection favoring habitat preference.
Here the mutational effects were assumed to be exponentially distributed with mean [Mathematical Expression Omitted], and the beneficial mutation rate was assumed to be zero.
Nonetheless, the described patterns suggest that exposure to abiotic stress might contribute to the genetic means necessary for reef corals to adapt to increasing sea surface temperatures by producing beneficial mutations. Alternatively, abiotic stress may accelerate the accumulation of deleterious mutations in corals and could exacerbate the negative effects of warming oceans.
Previously, we reported investigations into such trends in the topics of vestigial structures (as mainstream scientists understand them), biological degeneration (as CS practitioners understand it), (6) and beneficial mutations. (7) Here, I report an investigation into temporal trends in positions on natural selection and convergent evolution.
The real challenge is how to isolate those strains that are true mutants and thus carry the beneficial mutations (Parekh et al., 2000).
Aussie genetics are actually using CRISPR-Cas9 to understand human blood diseases to try and engineer beneficial mutations.
The bacterium's "defense" genes, on the other hand, showed a high degree of tolerance for beneficial mutations, which may play a role in evolution of drug resistance and evasion of the human immune system.