Beneficial Use

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Beneficial Use

A right to utilize real property, including light, air, and access to it, in any lawful manner to gain a profit, advantage, or enjoyment from it. A right to enjoy real or Personal Property held by a person who has equitable title to it while legal title is held by another.

A beneficial use involves greater rights than a mere right to possession of land, since it extends to the light and air over the land and access to it, which can be infringed by the beneficial use of other property by another owner. If a dispute arises from the conflicting ways in which two Adjoining Landowners exercise their respective beneficial uses of their property, a court, exercising its discretion, may adjudicate those rights.

A beneficiary of a trust has beneficial use of the trust property, the legal title to which is held by the trustee.

beneficial use

n. the right to enjoy the use of something (particularly such pleasant qualities as light, air, view, access, water in a stream) even though the title to the property in which the use exists is held by another. (See: use)

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By defining real water quality problems it is possible to focus available resources on their control rather than taking a technically invalid approach of trying to control every potential problem that could arise because stormwater runoff contains total concentrations of a variety of chemical constituents that from some sources other than stormwater runoff are adverse in some waterbody to the beneficial use of that waterbody.
org as an alternate resource for published research reports and beneficial uses of mushroom compost.
The amount of irrigation water needed for optimum yield and maintenance of soil productivity is determined by crop consumption, leaching requirement, and other beneficial uses such as frost protection and weed control.
This means that exceeding the water quality criterion/standard for copper in the Bay is an "administrative exceedance" and is not causing impairment of the designated beneficial uses of the Bay waters.
The proposal also will promote beneficial uses of coal ash.
Over the next two decades, new methods for beneficial use will undoubtedly be advanced to meet the ever changing state and federal regulations.
Called the 2018 Water Quality Integrated Report, it contains information on status and trends of water quality in Montana, as well as a list of waterbodies that dont support full beneficial use and require a plan for water quality improvement.
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery released two documents to support the beneficial use of industrial non-hazardous secondary materials--a methodology for evaluating beneficial use and a compendium of resources.
The Foundation also announced new names for the scholarships honoring coal ash beneficial use industry leaders.