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The histological bland features of some malignant salivary tumours and the aggressive biological nature of the benign tumours as typified by the high rate of recurrence, repeated surgical failures and locally invasive and metastatic characteristics may lead to misdiagnosis and consequent mismanagement.
In a total of 259 SGT's, benign tumours constituted 162 cases (62.
A large Chinese study2 on 6982 primary SGT's during a 23 - year period constituted 4743 (68%) benign tumours and 2239 (32%) malignant tumours.
Our findings are also comparable to the results of Women and Children Hospital Abbotabad, where reported frequency of benign tumours was 77%.
In benign tumours serous cyst adenoma was the commonest benign tumour 55%, which is in agreement with studies of Ahmed et al5, Khan et al11 and Ahmed et al12 who also reported same findings with variable frequencies.
The in-flow gradient in peripheral vessels was significantly greater in malignant than benign tumours both in absolute terms (p=0.
By contrast, in central vessels, the in-flow gradient tumour-to-normal ratio, the AUC (absolute and ratio), and the peak enhancement (absolute and ratio) were all significantly lower in malignant than benign tumours (p<0.
Narinder Singh et al reported recurrence in 10 cases in benign tumours and 8 malignant tumours.
The Sensitivity of FNAC for benign tumour was 100% and for malignant tumour it was 80%.
The sensitivity was 100% for the benign tumours, 77.
In our study two cases were incorrectly labelled as benign, but this did not have critical therapeutic implications since patients with benign tumours undergo conservative surgery.