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then present shall accept the Pointer & be obliged to act & officiate as Parnas for that time; &C none of the Elders being present, then the Hatan Torah & in his absence the Hatan Bereshit & in the absence of both, the oldest Yahid present in the Sinagogue shall act 8c officiate as Parnas Presidente for that time.
And it seems that the comparison of Marino to Adam in paradise is not haphazard; In Jewish traditional legends on Genesis, called Midrash Bereshit, it is told that it was Adam, not the angels, who gave every animal its proper name (Levner 18).
The other Hebrew term, so important for Maimonides in the Guide, is ma'aseh bereshit, which means "Account of the Beginning.
El libro hebreo del Genesis funda la dignidad del adam en su parecido a YHWH, a Elohim, al Kyrios; dice el Bereshit judio:
He draws a comparison between the explosion of the big bang and the Bereshit, and follows with a series of images invoking the colour and the configuration of the explosion: 'ao olho-mente quase um telefilme' (p.
In Guide for the Perplexed, Maimonides cites a brilliant rabbinical comment from the Bereshit Rabba: "To Abraham, whose prophetic power was great, the angels appeared in the form of men; to Lot, whose prophetic power was weak, they appeared as angels.
Gina Watson represented the owner and the lessee, Bereshit Lifestyle Center, in the lease of 706s/f of office space at 3174 Riverdale Avenue.
29) This unusual tale, extant in at least four Hebrew versions and one Aramaic rendition, (30) requires our attention at this stage, and I accordingly provide here a translation of what is arguably its earliest written registration, in the eleventh-century midrashic compilation Bereshit Rabbati of R.
But according to the great German sociologist Max Weber, it was Judaism that first led to what he calls Western rationality, which made science possible, and the reason it did so was because Bereshit Chapter One is the first act of demythologizing the universe.
This concept of the holiness of creation is transmitted to us in Bereshit (Genesis) 1:1: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
One big boost to the local economy came from Bereshit, a luxury hotel that opened 18 months ago.
I have a friend, Rabbi Menashe Klein [the head of a yeshiva underwritten by Wiesel and named for his father], who quoted to me the verse in Bereshit about Ya'akov: be-makli avarti et ha-yarden [I crossed the Jordan only with my cane].