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With beta agonists, there is evidence of an acute desensitization of the beta receptor within minutes of exposure to a beta agonist, as well as longer term desensitization.
Probably, drug with effect on alpha and beta receptors and change in kidney tissue causes changes of kidney morphometric and changes in secretion of kidney factors.
Scottish pharmacologist James Black working for ICI Pharmaceuticals in Britain took on the challenge of constructing molecules that would preferentially block beta receptors.
The blood samples of the family members were sent to Chicago University, USA to search for possible genetic mutations in thyroid hormone beta receptors, since the laboratory findings in family members was compatible with PTHR
Wright explains that estrogen stimulation of alpha receptors tends to increase cell proliferation, while beta receptors tend to decrease it.
Prof Risbridger said: "The team at Monash University has discovered how this compound working through the beta receptors targets a small, but very important, population of cells in the tumour.
The team speculated that myocardial injury may be due to excessive stimulation of beta receptors, perhaps in combination with genetic predisposition to myocardial injury associated with that mechanism.