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I get no respect: The relationship between betrayal trauma and romantic relationship functioning.
Betray my trust, shame on me: Shame, dissociation, fear, and betrayal trauma.
Violations of power, adaptive blindness, and betrayal trauma theory.
Viewing the low Resilience Scale (Wagnild & Young, 1987) scores of the sample from a betrayal trauma theory lens implies that those who dissociate have lower than typical levels of resilience and therefore may dissociate because of a lack of readily available coping options.
Exploring the adaptiveness of moderate dissociation in response to betrayal trauma.
Betrayal trauma and borderline personality characteristics: Gender differences.
Betrayal trauma is an experience that touches the human psyche at extremely deep levels.
So, although there are some cases of trauma that do not involve betrayal per se, it is possible that in many cases the use of the word "trauma" implies betrayal trauma as well (Freyd, Klest, & Allard, 2005).
A compelling expos of rape and sexual violence on American college and university campuses, this documentary captures through real-life stories what my students and I have been researching for many years: the horrors of betrayal traumas - trauma resulting from events such as sexual assault but by a trusted other.
But more to the point, we have discovered the specific toxicity of betrayal trauma.
Freyd's research has delved into what she calls betrayal trauma - a theory that says abuse committed by a caregiver can causes the victim to suppress memories of the abuse until later in life.