Better equity

BETTER EQUITY. In England this term has lately been adopted. In the case of Foster v. Blackston, the master of the rolls said, be could no where find in the authorities what in terms was a better equity, but on a reference to all the cases, he considered it might be thus defined: If a prior incumbrancer did not take a security which effectually protected him against any subsequent dealing to his prejudice, by the party who had the legal estate, a second incumbrancer, taking a security which in its nature afforded him that protection, had what might properly be called a better equity. 1 Ch. Pr. 470, note. Vide 4 Rawle, R. 144 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2462.

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If the G-20 does what I think they're going to do, which is make some comments to stabilise the thought process of the Chinese currency -- in other words that everyone will be there to help the Chinese if there are issues -- if they can accomplish that and the US government is convincing enough that countries are going to use fiscal stimulus, between those two, I'd think you're going to be in better equity markets next week.
But this will give way to better equity markets again as earnings rise, global liquidity expands (BOJ and ECB replacing Fed) and inflation is too low for the Fed to raise rates yet," said Jeremy Hale, head of macro strategy at Citi.
Overall we expect developed markets (DM) to be better off in 2015 than EM and this to translate in their better equity performance.
We will be able to make a significant difference in bringing better equity, in terms of what we are paying versus what other branches are paying, and also that it will help us to retain our employees and improve our recruitment efforts with certain classes of employees.
In contrast to last year, managers expect better equity returns this year in most markets, with the exception of the US and China.
Define better equity ownership conditions for upper management
Real estate investment trusts (REITs) with 'A' public credit ratings have better equity returns than lower-rated or unrated issuers, reported Fitch Ratings, New York.
The Ingen stock is currently very tightly held and the positive changes to Ingen can only result in better equity for our shareholders.
Some of the better equity release mortgage rates available at the moment are listed below: A low variable rate Most equity release mortgages are fixed rates as this provides an extra element of security, but the lowest rate on the market at the moment is actually a variable rate.
In contrast to last year, managers expect better equity returns in 2013 in most markets than they did in 2012, with the exception of the US and Australia, where equity return expectations are the lowest they have been since the survey started in 2008.
THIS VERY ATTRACTIVE PIECE FROM UNITED BANK, Massachusetts, will quickly get the reader's attention with its colorful and efficient layout; but it could change some aspects to make a better equity loan sale.
Financial stocks were the leaders in the US, with Citigroup gaining 8% and Bank of America adding 10%, as investors welcomed Bank of America's revenue growth and better equity trading results from Goldman Sachs, as well as a possible share buy-back; we expect optimism around the financials to be reflected in Russian banking stocks today.
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