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Besides spruce, other boreal species also occur, including Betula humilis Schrank or Vaccinium oxycoccos L.
Key words: Alces alces, Betula pendula, Betula pubescens, birch, browsing, damage, decay, discoloration, moose, wood quality.
Identification de brai de bouleau Betula dans le Neolithique de Giribaldi Nice, France par la spectrometrie de masse, Revue d'Archeometrie 14: 37-42.
The vegetation composition remained quite stable; only a slight increase in Betula and Pinus and a general decrease in Picea, Alnus, and Corylus and trees of mixed oak forest were observed.
Rhus (stags horn sumach), cotinus (smoke bush), prunus (cherry) and betula (silver birch) offer brilliant autumn colour on all soils.
Liverpool crown court heard in the first attack, Mr Ledley and his friend Mark Armer went to swap a Yamaha motorbike in Betula Close, Walton, October 9, last year.
One of the best birch varieties that you should look out for is Betula jacquemontii, a gardening classic with 100% beautiful, bright white bark.
The most productive tree species have been broadleaved trees such as Alnus glutinosa and Betula pendula, while conifers do not perform well on the semicoke dumps (Kaar, 2003).
A house in Antonio Street, Bootle, and two in Betula Close, Walton, were raided by police Matrix officers in the early morning snow yesterday.