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Lawmakers must do everything they can to protect this well-established system that has become the global standard for beverage alcohol regulation.
Lilypad Solutions is beverage alcohol's ultimate sales platform.
BARC will again bring you unparalleled networking opportunities, along with a diverse lineup of educational seminars that keep you on the cutting edge of beverage alcohol retail.
The sixth chapter is about selling and serving beverage alcohol. The chapter discusses social influences on drinking, issues of licensing restrictions, and responsibilities of retailers.
"Millennials are redefining the beverage alcohol landscape and will continue to do so in the years ahead," said Danny Brager, Vice President and Group Client Director, Beverage Alcohol for Nielsen.
While the beverage alcohol industry is sometimes thought to be "recession-proof," its performance over the past year can more accurately be described as recession-resistant.
The company disclosed that Mark McKeown, formally a senior manager and co-leader at Technomics, will become part of a new operating group providing beverage alcohol data.
Adams Beverage Research, Norwalk, Conn., a provider of causal (retail merchandising) information services to the beverage alcohol industry, has unveiled, a Web-based, fully interactive retail advertisement tracking application.
Alaska Distributors Co.; K&L Distributors; The Odom Corp.; the Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant & Retailer's Association (CHARR); and national beverage alcohol manufacturers have joined together to help provide Alaskans with resources to make healthy and responsible choices in their enjoyment of beverage alcohol.
ACNielsen said the purchase strengthens its ability to provide comprehensive coverage of the entire beverage alcohol industry, and complements its existing services for measuring retail sales of beer, wine and spirits.
There is no compelling evidence to show that warning labels will have any effect in reducing the irresponsible use of beverage alcohol products.
One that hits my hot button is "beverage alcohol" or, "alcohol beverage," when wine is included.