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After undergoing BiVAD support for 12 months, the patient received a heart transplant.
TABLE 1 Surgery performed, transfusion requirement and time from surgery to administration of rVIIa Patient Age Procedure 1 62 Right thoracotomy and decortication 2 62 CABGx4 3 42 R Thoracotomy; Dehisced wound post transplant 4 54 Type A aortic dissection repair+LVAD implantation 5a 56 BiVAD implantation 5b 56 heart transplantation and BiVAD explant 6 33 Bilateral Sequential Lung Transplant 7a 19 BiVAD implantation 7b 19 heart transplantation and BiVAD explant 8 46 heart/lung transplant+asc.
Our report aimed to document the physiotherapy intervention and resulting cardiopulmonary responses of early physical therapy in the ICU in a patient with BIVAD implantation.