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noun archetype, case in point, cross section, documentum, ensample, example, exemplar, exemplification, exemplum, guide, illustration, instance, model, original, paradigm, prototype, representation, representative, reppesentative selection, showpiece, specimen, standard of comparison, swatch, typical example
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sample (sale by, implied term)

a contract of sale is a sale by sample where there is an express or implied term to that effect in the contract. Where there is a sale by sample there is an implied condition:
  1. (1) that the bulk will correspond with the sample in quality;
  2. (2) that the buyer will have a reasonable opportunity of comparing the bulk with the sample;
  3. (3) that the goods will be free from any defect, rendering them unacceptable, which would not be apparent on reasonable examination of the sample.

If a sale is by sample as well as by description, it is not sufficient that the bulk corresponds with the sample if the goods do not also correspond with the description. It is the duty of the seller to make the sample available to the buyer for comparison.

SAMPLE, contracts. A small quantity of any commodity or merchandise, exhibited as a specimen of a larger quantity called the bulk. (q.v.)
     2. When a sale is made by sample, and it afterwards turns out that the bulk does not correspond with it, the purchaser is not, in general, bound to take the property on a compensation being made to him for the difference. 1 Campb. R. 113; vide 2 East, 314; 4, Campb. R. 22; 12 Wend. 566 9 Wend. 20; 6 Cowen, 354; 12 Wend. 413. See 5 John. R. 395.

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In Tables 7 and 8, we can see again that PRIDIT-FRE estimates accurately the population fraud rates with small MSE and the count method estimates the biased sample fraud rates.
Considering the simulated data only, the mean for the random sample was identical to the mean for the full sample, but the difference between the biased sample mean and the full mean was .
It does not automatically follow that the companies used in our study represented a biased sample.
Most reports that link criminal violence with ASD are based on isolated case reports or on biased samples that use unreliable diagnostic criteria.
Such simulations are particularly helpful if they work even with poor or biased samples of data, he says.
These attempts used text databases or extant search engine databases, but these attempts consistently resulted in severely and obviously biased samples.
The studies above obviously had biased samples because they only included women who were either pregnant or had requested post-coital contraception.
The papers are organized into sections on the psychological law of large numbers, biased and unbiased judgments from biased samples, types of information contents sampled, and vicissitudes of sampling in the researcher's mind and method.
To avoid problems of using biased samples, many organizations survey their entire workforce.