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When rewriting the Broadman Bible Commentary essay on "Genesis," Francisco devoted more space to preliminary historical-critical considerations than his predecessor.
Writing in The Women's Bible Commentary, O'Day highlights the implications for this structure on the church itself, which "is entrusted to God (italics added), not to any of the branches.
2) As the 2004 Global Bible Commentary (3) attests, we no longer speak so confidently of exporting our methods to other parts of the world, but we listen for what may be learned from interpreters in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
The author began these investigations in the course of producing his recent (2000-2003) multivolume Anchor Bible commentary on Isaiah.
The final chapter, "The Renaissance," connects Jewish writers of the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries in the disciplines of Bible commentary, geography, Kabbalah, and philosophy to the reformulation found in Chirurgia Magna (1363) of the French physician, Guy de Chauliac: John of Salisbury's dwarves have turned into children, who have climbed from the giant's shoulders to his neck.
THE AFRICA BIBLE COMMENTARY represents the first one-volume Bible commentary produced in Africa by African theologians to meet the needs of African pastors and leaders.
This Bible commentary has received considerable attention because of the marginalia in Bach's hand, together with various underlinings, that are scattered throughout these volumes.
The Anchor Bible commentary relays similar information about the "bronze serpent thing," but it does not report Rashi's comment.
His Bible commentary was written for a general audience, yet it has gems in it to educate the most learned scholar, often quoting books of Scripture, as well as Midrash and Talmud.
Kohlenberger III, Zandervan NIV Bible Commentary: An Abridgement of the Gold Medallion-Winning Expositor's Bible Commentary, vol.
Indicative of a renewed interest in the Fathers of the Church, which Florovsky so consistently promoted, can be seen in the current, many-volume Bible Commentary in progress: Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, General Editor, Thomas C.
She is the author of the commentary on Luke in the Women's Bible Commentary, and on the Proto-evangelium of James in Searching the Scriptures, and is currently editing a festschrift for Elisabeth Schuss ler Fiorenza, tentatively titled Wisdom on the Cutting Edge.