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In this article R0stvig applies the structural formulas perhaps most generally, and on a later text than in the others, yet showing that the same Renaissance concepts and biblical exegesis apply.
(47) This need not be interpreted as a foreign imposition upon Scripture, since, as Matthew Levering states, "biblical exegesis requires such metaphysical and theological precisions, once one treats the word 'God' as intelligible and presumes that the sacra doctrina in one part of the Bible illumines, rather than contradicts, the true meaning of the sacra doctrina in other parts of the Bible.
The biblical exegesis intends to establish the meaning of a holy book, of a text, even of a certain word, and the correct interpretation should take into account few rules, as the accurate translation, the critical textual, historical, cultural (10) and literary analysis, and the recording of the word meanings offered by other hagiographs.
The book makes a significant contribution to advancing the study of Radak's commentary specifically, and of medieval biblical exegesis more generally, and for this the author is deserving of thanks.
Washington has written "The Human Life Equation: A Biblical Case For Choice" in which she presents a persuasive biblical exegesis that contends, based upon biblical scripture, that neither the Old Testament or the New Testament prohibit abortion either directly or indirectly.
It displays, I might suggest, not only an extraordinary lack of understanding regarding the nature and history of biblical exegesis, but an underlying hatred for homosexual persons that falls very short of our Lord's preeminent teaching to "love one another as one's self." One can only conclude that Mr.
Undergraduate and graduate students will appreciate essays on Eckhart's life and trial, his Latin translations, and his life as a preacher, his theory of the transcendental, his sparring with Acquinas, his use of anthropology, his Islamic and Jewish sources, his Latin biblical exegesis, his move from Judeo-Arabic rationalism to Christian mysticism, his influence on Nicholas of Cusa and Henry Suso (and vice versa), and details on his condemnation.
Erdman's similarly-titled collection Blake and his Bibles (1990), and the difference between the titles says much about what literary scholars may question in Rowland's study of Blake's biblical exegesis. Rowland's working assumption is that Blake's view and use of the Bible was consistent throughout his lifetime.
Through creative and ecologically inspired biblical exegesis, as well as illustrative case studies in food-justice, green and sustainable business practices, and faith communities active in ecological causes, Wallace paints in bold, vivid strokes the kind of green religious movement he envisions.
It is especially suited to those who place a primary emphasis on biblical exegesis. In short, it is an illuminating primer on issues in contemporary trinitarian theology and on the interface between Catholic and Evangelical thought in our contemporary ecumenical context.
This volume would be useful to anyone interested in the study of the history of African Americans, the power of persuasion and rhetoric, the various strands of biblical exegesis and application, and the creation and communication of the powerful metaphors that have informed and continue to inform the identity of all Americans.--Reviewed by Larry J.
Beyond the essays on the important figures and topics that one would expect to find, the volume is strengthened by its description of interpretative developments in Jewish biblical exegesis, in Eastern Orthodox interpretation, and among Anabaptist reformers.