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But Evans is at pains to show that Wyclif had little or nothing to do with the Middle English translation of the Bible that bears his name, and that where biblical exegesis was concerned (for example, his Opus Evangelicum), he was actually conventional rather than innovative.
However, to further develop the Rav's multidimensional model we require specific methods of biblical exegesis, implicit in the Passover Haggadah, as modified by the Rav.
Wright's reading, as already explained, is basically a binary construct -- the motet on one side, biblical exegesis and numerology on the other -- bypassing the cathedral, leaving it virtually excluded, at best only nominally present.
Focusing on four sermons he delivered on the penitential and prebend Psalms, she explores his study of the Hebrew Bible and Jewish exegetical tradition, the intra-Christian and Jewish-Christian textual and religious polemic foregrounded by biblical exegesis, and the intertwined character of Christian and Jewish exegesis.
The larger goal of this approach, towards which this essay presents one piece of the puzzle, is to obtain a more integrated picture of Qumran biblical exegesis.
Four essays deal directly with the role of biblical exegesis, whether in various ways of using allegory, assembling collections of canon law, guiding Christian kings, or forming a sense of Frankish identity.
In order to balance the demands of the spiritual and the material in her representation of herself, her dedicatees and the biblical as well historical women who people her poem, Lanyer focuses on the peculiar opportunities afforded by a particular method of biblical exegesis -- typology -- and a particular set of biblical images -- found in the apocalyptic and eschatological passages of Revelation, Psalms, Ezekiel, and Isaiah.
Subjects include themes currently seeing significant play in monographs, articles, and dissertations on Edwards--for example, on revivalism, biblical exegesis, typology, esthetics, philosophy, his views on world religions, as well as Edwards as a preacher.
Keith (New Testament and Christian origins, Lincoln Christian University) uses Biblical exegesis and historical analysis to investigate one passage in the Gospel according to John, the pericope adulterae.
Examinations of the relationship between biblical exegesis and scholastic theology in Girolamo Zanchi by John Farthing and in Andreas Hyperius by Donald Sinnema point the way for further investigations of this vital connection.
cobbled together from the entire tradition of misogynist writing" (xxi) in favor of a more serious attempt "to re-interpret biblical texts so as to make the dominant discourse Protestant biblical exegesis - yield a more expansive and equitable concept of gender.
Or was it that as a loyal Monophysite of prodigious ability, he wanted to show that Theodore's followers such as the egregious Cosmas were not merely wrong about Chalcedon's preposition `in' (two natures) but also painfully ignorant about correct biblical exegesis in matters scientific.