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Having said this, we recognize that the author has done a great service for biblical exegetes by directing them to pay closer attention to the social and cultural background and context of where the actual conversations in the story might have taken place.
It utilizes the work of biblical exegetes to show how the economists in question deduce a particular normative principle intended to inform the organization of business firms.
But like the pagan emperor, the Christian bishop too was always under the spell of traditional classical culture, and even as a biblical exegete he still remembered his father's lessons in classical Greek grammar.
Whereas Ambrose of Milan appeals to the image of the king and his bride to reinforce the role of the bishop in the consecration and guarding of young Christian virgins, Jerome deploys it to reinforce his own role as ascetic teacher and premier biblical exegete, in the face of attacks on his authority.
Many scholars were uneasy with the skepticism of seventeenth-century biblical exegetes such as Isaac La Peyrere and Spinoza, and yet they assumed the basic methodological framework of scientific objectivity.
The topic and breadth of the book, perhaps, lend themselves better to students and scholars versed well enough with the traditions of the philosophers, biblical exegetes and scholarly commentators that orbit so closely Dante's works.
1170), Kogel adds a previously unknown name to the small number of Jewish biblical exegetes known to be working in Provence during the Middle Ages.

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