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Having said this, we recognize that the author has done a great service for biblical exegetes by directing them to pay closer attention to the social and cultural background and context of where the actual conversations in the story might have taken place.
The training in theology and philosophy that these biblical exegetes received is a rarity for exegetes today.
While the drift of Kidd's analysis emphasizes the latter statement, the former also held true at times in the writings of disparate biblical exegetes.
For centuries, the building and destruction of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem offered biblical exegetes ample material (sit venia verbo) for commentary on the physical reality and symbolic implications of ecclesiastical structures, and the authors draw upon a rich tradition as background to Manetti's thought.
The reader is treated to important discussions of the criteria by which a range of writers and biblical exegetes accomplished this task, particularly in the domain of the 'acts' required for recognition, and in the status of the available text in relation to an ideal 'originary' text, in fact impossible to identify.
Christ and Apollo prominently evokes such biblical exegetes as Augustine, John Cassian, Aquinas, and Hugh of St.
It utilizes the work of biblical exegetes to show how the economists in question deduce a particular normative principle intended to inform the organization of business firms.

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