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Members could simply, from then on out, discuss opposition to increase women's roles in Southern Baptist churches under the coded mantra of biblical inerrancy.
First, Christian identity and a loose ecumenical unity should be grounded in particular beliefs that Christians confess, not in epistemic doctrines like papal infallibility and biblical inerrancy that are intended to secure these beliefs.
In Article XII of the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, the ICBI states, "We affirm that Scripture in its entirety is inerrant, being free from all falsehood, fraud, or deceit." (36) The literalists' claim of inerrancy derives from their underlying view of the Bible's status as the inspired word of God.
The apostle of biblical inerrancy, Hodge, who had owned slaves, inferred a moral legitimacy for slave owning.
Powerful Parson, nevertheless, clings to this non-event, because there has to have been a planetary catastrophe disruptive enough to nullify all radiometric or other attempts at dating anything prior to ten thousand years ago, the approximate date of creation according to "scientific creationists." (15) Any technique establishing much earlier dates would be a disaster, because Powerful Parson is committed to the doctrine of biblical inerrancy. (16) So, since Noah's flood is biblical and since it alone qualifies to render the uniformitarian premises of science (together with the dating techniques based thereon) invalid, it must be maintained, despite a cacophony of scientific nays.
"I would have no trouble continuing a conversation with someone who is deeply religious so long as he or she was not a zealot who believed in Biblical inerrancy, but I would find it hard to continue a conversation with someone who believed in astrology or thought Stalin was basically a good guy," he states flatly.
(Arguments about biblical inerrancy in evangelical circles can become vicious.) They are united in the belief that Christianity requires a conversion to Christ in a personal, heartfelt way.
In addition, other chapters in this book have argued persuasively that open theism leads naturally to an abandonment of biblical inerrancy, a loss of belief in the trustworthiness of God, and a loss of the gospel itself.
Intelligent Design theory is a new form of creationism that abandons the biblical inerrancy of the older scientific creationism in favor of a neutral position on the age of the earth.
For example, they escape for the most part the dispiriting disputes over evolution and biblical inerrancy. One wonders, though, how graduates of these schools manage in our dominantly secularist colleges and universities, or whether they simply avoid them.
Once the seminary's faith tests centered on biblical inerrancy, but Mohler added a series of questions about the candidates' views on abortion, homosexuality, and women's ordination.
* Believes in Biblical inerrancy or a literal interpretation of the Bible.